Graphology Courses in Europe


There are plenty of places where you can do a graphology course nowadays. You can attend a course or have distant education; some schools provide diplomas recognised by the state, others — membership in national unions of graphology, help in finding jobs, possibility to further qualify in a job. Let’s have a look at the largest European education institutes.

British Institute of Graphologists (BIG) — It was set up in 1983. Fully qualified tutors, the list of which can be found on the website, use a study plan developed by the institute. This is a three year course, there are six exams (two each year), and upon results of the exams a graduate gains a diplomas from the institute. Distant education is also possible for students from other countries.

London College of Graphology — It was set up in conjunction with The British Academy of Graphology in 1985. Upon results of an exam that consists of two parts, graduates gain diplomas from the college and a membership in the Academy. Distant education is possible.

LUMSA university in Rome ( A graphology course lasts three years; upon its completion, Students gain a diploma from the college and a possibility to do Masters studies.

University of Urbino «Carlo Bo» ( The history of the course dates back to 1997. The course takes three years to complete, graduates are awarded with a diploma. This university has masters courses in different areas of graphology — medicine, career guidance, recruitment, forensics.

A Course at the Union of Professional Graphologists of France ( Founded in 2011. The course has two modules, upon completion students gain a diploma and a membership in the Union. The Union helps its members with employment and organizes additional seminars and lectures.

In Germany, graphology is taught to students of philosophy, psychology, medicine and forensics. A course of graphology is available in universities of Freiburg, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig and others.