Partners: Grapholog.RUОбучение графологии

Practical graphology for HR specialists, psychologists, consultants, dating agencies, for personal development or employment. Distance education. Licensed specialists. Diploma upon completion of studies. Individual classes in Russian, English and German.

Graphology is a science that studies handwriting and its relation to personality, capabilities and emotional state of a person. Analysing certain elements of handwriting, graphologists can build up a detailed psychological profile of a person, which is a great additional tool for many experts working with people.

We offer education provided by the best graduates of European graphology schools, that have a lot of experience and actively participate in life of the community of graphologists in Russia.


1. You email us your request to study at education@grapholog.ru
2. We provide you with a teacher who’s a member of the community of Russian graphologists at grapholog.ru, that practices teaching and has relevant qualifications and a teaching license.
3. The teacher gets in touch with you, provides all necessary information about him- or herself, the course and a graphology school he represents (there are no such schools in Russia, so it would be one of European schools of graphology).
4. You agree on the type and level of intensity of classes, and start your studies.


The studies are conducted as video conferences on Skype.
Intensity of education: 120 minutes per class twice a week, plus homework.
The classes are individual.


Stage 1. An express course.
The course lasts three months, with two classes per week.
This stage is for people that want to have general knowledge about graphology and apply it in practice.
Stage 2. A handwriting analysis.
The course lasts four months, two classes a week.
The stage is for graduates of the express course, that would like to know graphology on the professional level.
Stage 3. A certified specialist.
The course lasts four months, two classes a week.
This includes preparation and certification in one of European graphology centres.