Graphology for Beginners. The Pressure of Handwriting.

Graphology for Beginners. The Pressure of Handwriting.

In one of espionage novels, a young lady writes down an important address on a notepad, tears the sheet with the note and leaves. The main character, once being left alone, carefully cross-hatches the top sheet of the notepad that was left on the night stand, and the light imprints show where the girl’s gone. Can we build up a personality profile of the girl?

A pressure of handwriting is one of important characteristics. A pressure of the pen can tell us about the person’s stamina, his emotional capabilities and decisiveness.
A heavy pressure is typical of people with strong personality, strong-minded, determined, energetic. If the pressure is even, the person is well-balanced and self-controlled, his decisions are well thought, and actions are consistent and calm. An excessively heavy pressure shows the well developed sensuality.

There is also an arrhythmic pressure, where certain lines and strokes are written with light pressure, and others are written with heavy pressure. Such person is impulsive, sensitive, prone to take important decisions in the heat of emotions. He cannot focus on work for a long time, his strong point is scurry. This person can be quick-tempered, have mood swings, and can find it difficult to organise what’s going on around him.

A weak arrhythmic pressure speaks about insecurity, indecisiveness, doubts, different fears, often ungrounded.

So, let’s go back to our young lady. She is decisive and determined because the pressure of her handwriting was heavy. She undoubtedly has a strong personality, but is not impulsive — if the pressure were arrhythmic, our main character wouldn’t be able to read the address from the imprint. Although it’s quite possible that despite the visible self-control, the girl is capable of having big, strong feelings, because the pressure was excessively heavy and even.

A decisive, determined, with a strong personality and strong feelings. An ideal character!