Graphology for Beginners. Signature: the size and connectivity of letters

Graphology for Beginners. Signature: the size and connectivity of letters, embellishment and curls

The size of letters in a signature is an important factor.

A large size of letters in a signature speaks about a high self-esteem and a desire to cover as much as possible in terms of different fields — material, mental, sensual. Such person won’t settle for less, and will take maximum out of what he can have: if it’s knowledge, everything should be covered, if acquisition — as much of it as possible, if feelings — the whole range of emotions.

Small letters in a signature mean a low self-esteem with a sharp mind, high intellect and desire to dig deeper into the roots. Such person will try to understand and see everything in details. He doesn’t strive to conquer the horizons because he can settle for less but carefully picked — no matter if it’s things, knowledge or feelings.

Letters in a signature can be connected or disconnected.

A high level of connectivity of the signature means consistency, logical mind, a somewhat old-fashioned author, who isn’t very intuitive but who can adapt to situations very well.

Connections in a signature, however, can also look different. For example, angular connections are typical of active, dynamic, stubborn people. Soft, garland-like connections mean a person is friendly, compromises a lot, has a soft nature. Connections with loops and bows demonstrate good communication skills, courteousness that borders with flattery, ability to use people to his own advantage.

Disconnected letters show unique thinking, strong intuition; such signature is often typical of highly creative people.

Graphologists always pay attention to decorations — curls, lines, loops. A largely embellished signature means a person is prone to self-admiration, show off, artistic nature and good imagination. Simple, like naked, signatures are typical of people with a mathematical mindset, whose actions are rational and logical.