Graphology in France

Graphology in France

France is considered to be a birthplace of graphology.

This is where all isolated and intuitive knowledge about graphology from all over the world was combined and analysed for the first time. It’s the country of the first society of graphology — French Society of Graphology (SFDG, — that was founded in 1871.

This society still exists and has a high reputation in academic communities. Among its members, there are Nobel laureates, members of the French Academy and key people from the French cultural sector.

In June 2011, The Union of Professional Graphologists of France was founded (Syndicat des Graphologues Professionels de France, SGPF). The Union organised the course (nowadays, the course is approved by the state) that consists of two modules, upon completion of which students gain a diploma and become members of the Union.

The Union takes part in professional lives of its members, organising additional lectures, seminars, meetings where graphologists can deepen their knowledge and exchange experiences.

Moreover, the union helps its members with employment. However, as a rule, this is usually not a problem for graduates of this course — graphology is very popular in France. Almost 80% of companies work with graphologists or have them in their staff. Graphologists have own practices or work in HR agencies and HR departments in large companies.

In 2002, a commission consisting of government representatives including the ministry of labour and HR top managers, assigned an official status to graphology. Since then, graphology is an officially approved method of testing employees.

In France, there is also an organisation that unites experts in graphotherapy — Groupement des Graphologues Graphothérapeutes et Rééducateurs de l’Ecriture (GGRE,