Feminine and masculine concepts in handwriting

Feminine and masculine concepts in handwriting

We are used to associate men and women with certain social roles. Despite the fact that with time these roles get more flexible, and in real life interchangeable, there is still this concept that a man is a leader, a breadwinner, tough, active and strong, and a woman is soft, fragile, a mother, a domestic goddess.

But in ancient times, people noted that there are feminine and masculine sides in each of us, and the Yin Yang symbol reminds us about it. These concepts show up in our personalities, in our way of talking, moving around, and handwriting, of course.

There are certain characteristics in handwriting that are deemed feminine, and characteristics that are deemed masculine. However, in a handwriting analysis it’s not possible to define sex with 100% accuracy, it’s rather a matter of defining a psychological type, a gender.

A feminine side in handwriting

A woman is more flexible, patient, is prone to compromises, that’s why round shapes are prevalent in her handwriting.

As a rule, women’s letters are larger than men’s ones — a woman is largely dependable on other people’s opinion, is oriented at the society and needs approval.

It’s known that women pay attention to details, and in contrast to men who think systematically, a woman prefers to go into details. She is more observant, attentive and assiduous. That’s why her letters are more clear, and her handwriting reads better than a man’s handwriting.

A masculine side in handwriting

Men are hunters. And even if in the modern world they don’t need to kill anybody, they remain tough, sceptical and categoric. Their handwriting is sharper, too.

A man doesn’t pay attention to people’s opinions, but he is ambitious, that’s why upper and lower zone (such as b, d, y etc) is more pronounced.

His handwriting reads worse, he is not prone to talk about feelings and explain the reasons of his actions to others.

A masculine handwriting looks simpler compared to the feminine one. Everything in it is streamlined, as his thinking is more global — he has no time to dig into details.