What is so fascinating about graphology?

What is so fascinating about graphology?

Nowadays, more and more experts choose graphology as a method of personality testing, defining strengths and weaknesses and a character of a person.

HR agencies appreciate a method of handwriting analysis for its efficiency and accuracy. Sometimes a graphologist needs to describe 1-2 qualities necessary for a particular job,role. In such cases, an HR manager can get a reply within minutes. A full handwriting analysis of a candidate takes 1-2 days, depending on the availability of a graphologist. These few days can tell about a person as much as months of trial period can.

Graphology is widely used in vocational guidance and helps understand in which areas a person will be successful and show all his positive sides. Contrary to many other tests, a handwriting analysis can show a hidden potential of a person. Here the focus is set not on the type of tasks the person is used to (due to the job specifics or how well the subjects at school were taught) but on true capabilities of a person.

Psychologists usually need quite a lot of time to complete a full analysis about the person’s mental state — the more a psychologist works with a patient, the more he can tell about him. It’s quite the opposite in case of graphologists.

A graphologist can give an accurate and comprehensive analysis about the character, abilities and emotional being of a person without seeing him.

In case of psychological consultations, such efficacy can reduce time spent on establishing a diagnosis and start the therapy as early as possible.

A graphologist doesn’t need a personal attendance to complete a handwriting analysis. It helps eliminate some subjective factors affecting the analysis process. A graphologist is not influenced by the looks or behaviour of the person — handwriting doesn’t lie or give prepared answers.

Another important advantage of graphology is its multilingual quality. A graphologist can analyse a text regardless of the language it was written in. In a recruiting process or when preparing for meetings with foreign partners, this quality of graphology might be irreplaceable.