Graphology for Beginners. The flow and speed of writing.

Graphology for Beginners. The flow and speed of writing.

A handwritten font differs from the typed one not only by the fact that letters are written but also by the connections between these letters. Connections increase the speed and the flow of writing, make the process of writing words more rational. You can tell a lot about a person looking at these connections and their characteristics, and at the speed of handwriting.

A flowing handwriting is smooth and harmonious, it doesn’t have unexpected stops; letters are connected with each other naturally and smoothly. A flowing handwriting means the author has an agile mind, is intelligent and keen.
If all letters are connected in words, such person is entrepreneurial, is a hard worker and can solve difficult tasks.

If a handwriting is disconnected, the person is cautious, thinks slowly and has doubts when taking decisions.

Disconnected letters speak about a dreamy nature who likes to day-dream and his ideas are hardly logical. This person has a developed sense of beauty, he prefers following his heart rather than mind.

A fully disconnected handwriting (absolute lack of connections between letters) is very rare and is typical of creative professionals. Such handwriting means the author wants to express himself, make an impression, stand out of the crowd.

The flow of handwriting is not always directly related to its speed. The flow is more about harmony, naturalness, and ease of writing letters. The speed of writing is a more objective concept, it’s how fast a person writes.

Analysing people’s handwritings, a Czech graphologist Robert Saudek found out how to identify the speed of writing, looking at certain signs of handwriting.

For example, angles slow down the writing, that’s why the fast handwriting is pretty rounded. Rather vertical letters are written faster than small and low. A continuous writing, missing i-dots and underlinings, wide letters and large spaces between words — all this also speaks about fast handwriting.

A person that has a fast writing lives by future, is well motivated to achieve his goals, impulsive, sometimes can hardly control his emotions.

A person with a slow writing, to the opposite, is reserved, prefers to control his emotions, doesn’t like surprises and sometimes is not able to solve issues that require urgent actions.