Graphology for Beginners. Signature: slant, size and pressure

Graphology for Beginners. Signature: slant, size and pressure

If you check the requirements of graphologists to the written materials to be submitted for analysis, you’ll see that at the bottom of the text written on the unlined sheet, there should be a signature.

A signature is an important element that is essentially analysed by graphologists.
Experts pay attention to such features as a direction, a size of letters, symbols, pressure, a paraph and curls. Let’s analyse some of these characteristics.

Different people have different slants in signature. It can be directed upwards, downwards or be straight, like written with a ruler. A signature that is directed downwards means a person is pessimistic, an upwards looking signature shows a person is optimistic, and a straight signature means a person is equally pessimistic and optimistic.

Now, let’s have a look at the proportions — are all sides of the autograph equal or is there any disproportion in any of its part?

If letters are too stretched upwards, and if this part of the signature is heavily decorated, the person is very delicate, highly intellectual and artistic. The overloaded lower part of the signature means the person is active and dynamic, self-confident, and can quickly find his feet and define personal profits.

Disproportions on the left side mean passion for the past, and a disproportionate right side means the opposite — extraordinary interest for the future, this person always has lots of projects and ideas, and constantly moves forward. If there’s a feeling that all or opposite sides of the signature are overloaded, it means that a person has doubts, hasn’t found his place under the sun, is complex and inconsistent.

A balanced signature is a sign of harmonious nature of the author.

It’s also important to focus on pressure of the signature. A heavy pressure is a sign of high temper, self-confidence, a lot of vitality. Such person is usually an extrovert. A way too heavy and intense pressure shows the above qualities in excess, as well as a strict and intolerant personality.

A light pressure usually shows a sensitive, soft, indecisive person of delicate nature.
In general, a confidence and firmness of the signature describe a level of development of these qualities. If a signature looks uncertain — unfinished, with slightly shaky lines, it most probably means the person that wrote this signature would also be uncertain.