Graphology for Beginners. Arcades and garlands, shapes of words, signs in writing

Graphology for Beginners. Arcades and garlands, shapes of words, signs in writing

A handwritten text, especially if it’s flowing, is full of different curves, curls and loops. Let’s find out what all these elements might mean.

A handwriting with most arches looking upwards is called arcade, because curves really look like arches and arcades (for example, a letter «u» resembles «n»). People that write like this tend to focus on outside factors, demonstrations and effects, and sometimes it negatively affects their inner side. The arcade handwriting means that such people are usually nice and friendly, but behind these sweet qualities you might find a flatterer and fake personality.

If arches mainly look downwards and look like garlands, such handwriting is garland, it can be easily identified, for example, a letter «m» is written as «w». A large number of garlands in writing means the person is focused on the inner side, such people tend to not look at external factors, they rather try to look deeper into things. And when this quality is very evident, it can negatively affect the reputation of a person and results of his work.

Very pronounced garland and arcade handwriting often make their authors to write additional strokes and underlinings (for example, lines above «m»). The way the letters are underlined can also tell something. A patient, balanced, accurate person will have neat and even additional strokes and underlinings. And an abrupt and energetic person will have sweepy strokes with pressure at the end.

Apart from garlands and arcades, there are also such elements as loops and curls, and if there are many of them, it means the person is opportunistic, can get away from troubles, is foxy and canny.

Some people decorate their handwriting with arcs and titles, and it’s particularly typical of capital letters. This handwriting shows self-confidence but superficial feelings, smartness, attention seeking. Such people, despite their impressive looks, are usually not very bright.

During a handwriting analysis, attention should also be paid to punctuation marks. If they are written with heavy pressure or are significantly enlarged in comparison to the main text, it means the author is touchy, sensitive and emotional, with vivid imagination.

The shape of words is also important; words can either narrow or widen towards the end. Widening words mean that the person is credulous, sincere and easy to talk to, sentimental and sometimes naive. Narrowing words mean that the author is cautious and discreet, and in combination with other signs foxy and cagey.