About us

Graphology in Russia is at the very start of its development. It is spoken about, it is used, but in this country it is still something unusual and exotic.

If you can study graphology as a profession in a school of psychology in recognised universities in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, or Switzerland and Italy, there are no such university placements in Russia, and all Russian qualified graphologists have degrees from abroad. If a handwriting analysis test in the employment is a norm in the US, Canada, Israel or Argentina, in Russia this procedure will raise a few eyebrows.

That’s why the project grapholog.ru was created — not only it unites Russian graphologists, but is also a basis for the development of graphology.

We grow in two directions:

1. On the one hand, our community offers services in handwriting analysis. Any analysis is exclusive, because graphologists’ names from the grapholog.ru team that conduct analyses would be known to their clients who can get in touch with them if they wish. All our graphologists are graduated specialists with extensive experience, they put their names on their works, the quality of which influences their reputation.

2. On the other hand, we publish materials on graphology for the wide audience, take part in conferences and round tables. Our graphologists speak on the TV and radio and act as representatives of graphology in general.

We would like the scientific graphology in Russia to be appreciated on the same level as in Europe and the US — as a recognised, clear, popular and available tool for building up a psychological profile of a person.